Speedcom Communications Joins Southern F1600

South Carolina, USA – January 17, 2018 –  Speedcom Communications joins the Southern Formula 1600 Championship with CASH prizes for the 2018 season.  


Providers of high quality digital Motorola radios, plus full service installation and trackside support, Speedcom ensures all Southern Formula 1600 Championship drivers have access to the best of the best in team-to-driver communication.  

Thanks to the Speedcom Hard Charger award, $100 Cash will be awarded to the driver who improves their position in each race. Beyond race awards, thanks to Speedcom all drivers who enter EVERY race weekend will have the chance at a $500 year end CASH prize.  


For more information about Speedcom Communications – visit their website at www.Speedcomracing.com

The Southern Formula 1600 Championship provides wheel to wheel competition for Formula 1600 drivers at all stages, from weekend warriors to the stars of tomorrow.  

Formula 1600

 Stay up to date with all the latest Southern Formula 1600 news – follow the series on Facebook – @SouthernF1600





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