Fastest F1600 Wins O-Z Wheels!


Fastest F1600 Wins 50% off Full Set of O-Z Magnesium Racing Wheels


With one week remaining before the
Inaugural QuarterMaster Classic
featuring the Southern Formula Car Championships
April 28/29 at Roebling Road Raceway,
even more prizes are available for drivers of the Southern Formula 1600 Series.


Throughout the weekend all drivers will be watching the stopwatch even more closely,
as the fastest Formula 1600 driver at the QuarterMaster Classic
will receive a full set of O-Z Racing wheels at HALF PRICE.  

Formula 1600

Both Qualifying and Race sessions will count towards the Fastest F1600.   


The Fastest F1600 will be determined by the driver with the
fastest single lap time in all qualifying and race sessions.  



Tune into RightTurnRacing.TV on Monday at 8pm
following every Southern Formula Car Championship event for
the Formula Car Rundown to see who is the Fastest F1600,
who is crowned the inaugural QuarterMaster Classic Champion,
as well as on track coverage from throughout the weekend.  

Stay up to the minute throughout the weekend
with the Southern Formula Car Championships
Follow both series on Facebook




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