Formula 2000

Formula 2000


The next step in the traditional path from F1600:
Adjustable wings, 2.0 Liter Engines reaching speeds of 150 mph!





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Formula 2000 race cars are tubular frame, purpose built open wheel cars, powered by 2.0 liter Ford Engines.   Fully adjustable wings and suspension, pure racing slicks, and traditional shifters have created a globally known racing class, which has created champions at all levels, including Dan Wheldon, Jacques Villeneuve, Paul Tracy, and countless others.

Originally based off the worldwide racing class – Formula Ford – Formula 2000 increased the horsepower, added wings, and provided an increased level of training for any driver.

Participating in multiple professional and amatuer series over the decades, Formula 2000 racing has been offered by USAC, SCCA club racing, SCCA Pro Racing, FRP, and more.

Currently, there are multiple amatuer and professional series for Formula 2000 across the United States, making the future for Formula 2000 appear brighter than ever.